Immigration: Follow Pope Francis…or the catechism?


What is a Catholic to do when Pope Francis says one thing and the catechism says another? Thomas D. Williams offers some clarity at Crux:

Yet even Pope Francis, who has begged forgiveness from migrants for “our closed-mindedness and indifference” and has declared his solidarity by saying “we are all migrants,” has also begun recognizing limits to the numbers of migrants that can reasonably be integrated into European society.

In an extensive interview with the French Catholic daily La Croix published Tuesday, the pope was asked whether Europe should be accepting so many migrants, to which he replied that “it is a fair and responsible question,” adding that “we cannot open the doors irrationally.”

Pope Francis has clearly stated positions contrary to the catechism, but he appears to be coming around to accepting the catechism when it comes to immigration. We can continue to hope and pray. In the meantime, where the two conflict, my advice is to follow the catechism.




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2 thoughts on “Immigration: Follow Pope Francis…or the catechism?”

  1. Most Catholic bishop in the US are the offspring of amoebas and have few qualifications to lead much less resist or fight the secular world. This includes the bishop of Rome.
    Follow the Catechism.

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