Coptic community rejects unconscionable humiliation of elderly mother

coptic_church_ontarioMISSISSAUGA, ON, May 27, 2016 /CNW/ – We are shocked and appalled by the recent incident in which a mob of Muslim men in the Governorate of Minya paraded a 70 year-old Coptic woman around the streets, after stripping her of her clothing, to humiliate her for an alleged relationship involving her son and a Muslim girl. This occurred after all relevant authorities, including the Governor and the head of the police force, were allegedly put on notice of the allegations and the threats that were made against the family and after requests were made to provide adequate protection to the family. This humiliation of an elderly woman is unconscionable and inhumane.

Further, perpetrators also burnt down homes of Christian families in the village in retaliation of this alleged relationship.

Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters and must be treated as such. We demand that all citizens be afforded equal protection in Egypt. There is a clear pattern, however, of acquiescence and dereliction of duty by the authorities in charge and reckless disregard for equal treatment of all as this is not the first instance in this Governorate.

We further demand that the Government of Egypt remove all persons who were derelict in their duties and to immediately arrest and prosecute all perpetrators of these crimes.

May God grant peace to our great homeland Egypt and give wisdom to its leaders. We pray that Egypt is always united in common harmony and that it may shine as a strong beacon for hope throughout the world.

SOURCE Canadian Coptic Centre

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