Archbishop Prowse confident of ‘no’ vote on same-sex marriage


The leader of Canberra’s Catholics has called the postal plebiscite on same-sex marriage a test of national maturity for public debate and predicted Australians will vote against a change to the law.

Canberra and Goulburn Archbishop Christopher Prowse has encouraged priests in the diocese to make the case for a “no” vote to parishioners, calling on all Canberrans, including newly arrived migrants, to enrol to take part in the survey.

“There is encouragement by me as the bishop to ask people to get engaged in the discussion and to be particularly informed about why the Catholic Church consistently stands alongside the traditional marriage model,” Archbishop Prowse told The Canberra Times.

“We have love and care and respect for same-sex orientated people. They are in our communities, they are in our neighbourhoods, they are in our parishes. We love them and want to walk with them.

“At the same time we consider what we now call traditional marriage – that is the love between a man and a woman that is open to the possibility of children – to be one of the greatest treasures of humanity. It predates Christianity, it’s not a religious argument, it’s an argument from humanity.


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