If Vatican excommunicates mafia bosses, what about abortion supporters?

By Phil Lawler
Catholic Culture

This week, the Vatican launched an international campaign against corruption and organized crime. Well, that’s not quite right. This week, the Vatican announced the campaign; it will actually be launched in September. So we don’t know exactly what it will be.

If you read the full announcement, released August 2 by the dicastery for Integral Human Development, you’ll notice that the statement is short on specifics. There will be an “international consultation group,” which will promote education and public awareness of the damage done by corruption. So far, so good. But who will be the members of this group, and what will they actually do?

“The consultation group will not just come up with virtuous exhortations, because concrete gestures are needed,” we are told. Excellent. And what might those “concrete gestures” be? The announcement offers just one suggestion: a discussion of excommunication as a penalty for corruption or for involvement in the Mafia.


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