Hillary Clinton a pastor?

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A future in politics didn’t work out for Hillary Clinton last year but there might be a new title in her future: pastor.

According to The Atlantic, Clinton would like to replace the hoped-for title of “president” with “pastor” after her surprise loss to Donald Trump last November.

The sympathetic story, published Aug. 6, relies on her longtime Methodist pastor to relay the message that the famously cold and calculating former First Lady honestly longed to be an ordained minister all her adult life.

Although she’s not known to wear religion on her sleeve, she does keep it discretely tucked into a pocket of her pantsuit, ready to pull out her Methodist roots when the occasion calls for it.

“First of all,” she told the left-wing women of “The View” last year, “I’m a Christian and I take my faith very seriously.”

Yet for every step toward people of faith, there seems to be two steps back, like when she was talking to a pro-abortion crowd last year.

“Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed,” she urged the crowd.

So you’ll have to excuse United Methodist Pastor Ray Rooney for being a little skeptical as to her fitness for the pulpit.

“Considering the comments she’s made publicly about half of America,” he tells OneNewsNow, “it would be a very hard sell for her to stand behind a pulpit as a loving and caring person.”


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