SC Court Rules on Episcopal Church Properties

By Charlie Butts
One News Now

Turmoil is continuing in the Episcopal Church as its membership keeps running away.

After the Episcopal Church decided to begin the 21st century by embracing liberal sexuality, conflict predictably ensued within the denomination and a legal battle eventually kicked off over church properties.

After watching this battle for more than a decade, Jeff Walton of the Institute on Religion and Democracy reports a state court ruling in South Carolina has settled a dispute over 36 Episcopal churches.

“What the case basically decided,” Walton says, “was that of the 36 contested properties, 29 of them would have to accede what is called the church’s Dennis Canon, which says that properties are held in trust for the national church.”

The remaining seven churches, he adds, are “free and clear” to leave with their properties that together have an approximate value of a half-billion dollars.



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