Christian Group Steps Up to Care for Orphans in Russia

By Lorraine Caballero
Christian Daily

A Christian organization has decided to step up and make a difference for the orphans in Russia who have been severely affected by President Vladimir Putin’s adoption ban on U.S. citizens, especially those who have been abused and abandoned.

In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network News, Christians Care International executive director Don Horwitz explained how dire the situation was for some of the orphans affected by the adoption ban. He said the orphanages that were located farthest from the major cities have the worst living conditions, and sometimes only one caretaker is in charge of around 30 children.

Horwitz added that a lot of families in Ukraine and the former USSR will not adopt the children just because the kids’ biological parents had problems with drugs or alcohol addiction. Many of them end up homeless or turn to drugs, crime, and prostitution when they grow older.

The CCI executive director said they are praying for the ban to be lifted, but for the meantime, Christians can help by supporting these children. Horwitz’s organization, on the other hand, has already cared for and helped rehabilitate 1,700 orphans who were abused, neglected, and abandoned.




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