Cardinal Schönborn Criticizes Dubia Cardinals

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna had some critical words to say of the four “dubia” cardinals.


“That cardinals, who should be the closest collaborators of the pope, try to force him and put pressure on him to give a public response to their publicised letter is absolutely inconvenient behaviour,” he said.

He went on to say that he fears those who have “rapid, clear answers.”

He told journalists: “I fear those who have rapid, clear answers in politics and economy and also in religion. Rigorists and laxists have clear and rapid answers, but they fail to look at life. The rigorist avoids the effort of discernment, of looking closely at reality. The laxist lets everything possible go, and there is no discernment. They are the same but opposite.”

“Dubia” is the plural of “dubium” which is the Latin word for a doctrinal question. Four cardinals asked Pope Francis five doctrinal questions (dubia) and have yet to hear a response. The full text of their letter is here.

UPDATE: I forgot to add this statement which indicates that the Pope called the dubium on Communion for divorced and re-married “a trap.”

“Most often the topic is reduced to one question – ‘May they [remarried divorcees who did not receive an annulment] receive Communion? Yes or no!’ Pope Francis has said, ‘This is a trap!’ By narrowing this to one question the main purpose of Amoris Laetitia is forgotten: Look closely and discern,” the cardinal said.

This means that Amoris Laetitia, then, is a muddle. Being as such, we have little to fear from it long-term. Another Pope will come along and “unmuddle” it eventually. In the short-term, though, it is definitely a source of confusion.

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