‘Women-Church’ Freak Out Over Bishop Paprocki’s Defense of the Faith

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois, recently issued a decree outlining some guidelines on how to treat people in same-sex “marriages.” Fishwrap reports that “Women-Church” and other groups are freaking out.

Women-Church Convergence’s “Pastoral Letter to the People of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois” addresses the people of the diocese, saying, “You deserve better because our Catholic faith teaches us to embrace everyone.” The letter states that they “politely but firmly reject scandalous teachings of exclusion.”​

Although response to the decree has been muted from the Catholic clergy, several Catholic lay organizations have been vocal.

Signatories of the Women-Church Convergence letter are: 8th Day Center for Justice — Women in Church and Society Committee; A Critical Mass: Women Celebrating Eucharist; Catholics for Choice; Catholics for Choice Canada; Chicago Women-Church; DignityUSA; Greater Cincinnati Women-Church; Loretto Women’s Network; Mary’s Pence; National Coalition of American Nuns (NCAN); Roman Catholic Womenpriests-USA Action Network; Sisters Against Sexism (SAS); Southeastern PA Women’s Ordination Conference (SEPA-WOC); Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual (WATER); Women’s Ordination Conference (WOC); Women-Church of the Wabash Valley.

What a line-up. This makes me (((SHUDDER))). Bishop Paprocki’s guidelines are in complete accordance with the Catholic Faith and apply to everyone. I cannot enter an illicit relationship. I cannot receive Holy Communion if I am in a state of grave sin. I cannot have a Catholic funeral if I were living in manifest grave sin.

This is the Catholic Church, not the “anything goes” church. If anything goes, it’s not a church at all.

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