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Al-Shabaab Beheads 9 Kenyans

I don’t have any graphic images but I almost didn’t post this anyway because the story itself is so horrific. Since I have a habit of posting about Islamism, though, I thought I’d better not miss this one.

My arms and head ache. My stomach is in a knot. My heart is heavy as a stone as I ponder it…but here is the news that is being celebrated by many Muslims across the world.


Al-Shabaab extremists from neighbouring Somalia beheaded nine civilians in an attack on a village in Kenya, officials said, adding to growing concerns that the Islamist militant group has taken up a new strategy.

The attack occurred on Saturday in the village of Jima, south-east Kenya, said James Ole Serian, who leads a task force of security agencies combating al-Shabaab, which is linked to al-Qaida.


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