Hartford Archdiocese: 144 Parishes to Merge

This is so sad. There are two schools of thought on this. One is that the Church has been too “progressive” or “liberal.” The other is that the Church has not been “conservative” enough. My thinking is that the Church hasn’t been Catholic enough. When I say “the Church,” I’m not just referring to the clergy but also to parishioners. I would include myself in that.


Important decisions loom ahead as the Archdiocese of Hartford preps its reorganization plan, a reconstruction and consolidation of parishes throughout much of Connecticut.

Under the new plan, 144 parishes in the archdiocese will be merged into 59 new parishes. Each new church community will be made up of two to six old parishes.

The reorganization, which will officially begin on June 29, will cut the number of parishes nearly in half, from 212 to 127.

Only 68 parishes will go untouched in the reorganization.

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“This is not just a Catholic challenge,” Archbishop Leonard P. Blair said, and he’s spot on. A recent study from, appropriately, the Pew Research Center found that younger generations, while still professing to be spiritual, are less likely to believe in God and much less likely to incorporate a specific religion in their daily lives than their parents are.

This adds up to fewer people in many places of worship and less money for them. If millennials still hold to the core beliefs of their parents, they are showing it in different ways.

May God help us.

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