What happens if you question the Pope?

What happens if you question the Pope? Well, if you’re a cardinal, you could have your red hat taken away. So says Monsignor Vito Pinto, a defender of Pope Francis.

Cardinals Walter Brandmüller, Raymond Burke, Carlo Caffarra and Joachim Meisner asked the Holy Father some questions of Laeitita Amoris. Pope Francis did not answer and prelates made the letter public through the media.

“What Church do these cardinals defend? The Pope is faithful to the doctrine of Christ. What they have done is a very serious scandal that could even lead to the Holy Father to withdraw the cardinal’s hat as has happened at some other time of the Church “, said Pio Vito this Confidential.

The dean of the Roman Rota clarifies: “Which is not to say that the Pope withdraw their status as cardinals, but could do.”

That caused my eyebrow to raise, to say the least. We are certainly living in an extraordinary time. Not only is the Holy Father suggesting the overthrow of Catholic doctrine but his defenders are suggesting that those who question him be stripped of their authority to question. What am I supposed to say to protestant critics who claim that the Pope cannot be questioned if he teaches a contradiction to the Gospel?

Pray mightily for the Church.

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  1. Since God did give us free will, particuliarly to do what is right, I believe in this case these four Cardinals have an obligation to ask the Pope to clarify his statements about Catholic doctrine. Especially when it comes his ambiguous and contradictory statements about doctrine. This could lead the Catholic faithful into moral error. He needs to answer these questions from these four faithful Cardinals of the Church. Pope Francis has an obligation and responsibility in correcting any error he has made for the good of the church and the salvation of souls and repair any damage he may have caused.

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