Breitbart’s Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos declares “social conservatism is dead”

In a sparsely attended press conference in Orlando, Breitbart Tech editor and “gay rights” activist Milo Yiannopoulos (who goes by “Nero” on Twitter) declared “social conservatism is dead.” He likely does not realize how damaging his remarks could be for Donald Trump whom he holds up as the most “gay-friendly” candidate on either side.

Donald Trump has never said anything to suggest that he is not fully in favor, in support of gays. In fact, his comment about trans- bathroom stuff suggests that he is way more progressive than any Republican who has run for president, possibly in a hundred years. What his business decisions and his track record suggest is that he is probably the most gay-friendly candidate for president on either side for decades. Obama’s done nothing for gays. Obama’s done nothing for blacks, but Trump has made…in the comments that he has made Trump has indicated to me that he might be the most gay-friendly president ever. Certainly, gay people are starting to pick up on this. Gay people are getting the message. Gay people are picking up on this which is why you have the Gays for Trump movement. People are starting to report all over the place that homosexuals are saying, “You know what? Despite myself, despite everything I thought, and things I’ve been told and what the left has been telling me my whole life, I think I’m going to go for that Trump guy.” That’s happening en masse in gay communities right now, and that’s good because Trump is going to support the gun rights that are going to protect them, and everything we know from Trump’s biography and his history and his past suggest that he could, as I say, could be the most gay-friendly president in history.

I think Trump has done more to change the Republican Party into change what Republicans are like than anybody else on that side of the aisle in a hundred years. There’s no reason to suppose he wouldn’t do it on social issues, too. What a lot of Republicans don’t understand but Trump instinctively, clearly does is that for many voters, not all of them, social conservatism is dead. These voters are, you know, pro-gay marriage, they don’t care about the…they rightly believe that the war on drugs has been a disgusting, expensive mess that has ruined lives….and Trump, I think, you know, I don’t know what he thinks about drugs yet but Trump certainly has indicated that he instinctively understands this new generation of Republican voters who don’t care too much about the social conservatism of the old order. If you are thinking I want somebody strong, who’s going to look after the direction of this country and look after me and not be wedded to the things that I don’t like about Republicans from the 50s and 60s that the left has been telling me for forty years, Trump could be your candidate.

I beg to differ.

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