Santorum on Trump’s Short List for VP?

blue_collar_conservativesBack when Donald Trump met with Rick Santorum in New York, before either announced they were running for president, Trump surprised Rick by telling him that he had read his book Blue Collar Conservatives. Trump said that the book was the right message for the upcoming election. He proceeded to run on that message, albeit with his own unique flair. Does this mean that Rick Santorum could be on Donald Trump’s short list for Vice President? I think so.

Conservative activist Richard Viguerie writes why Rick Santorum should be on Donald Trump’s short list.

My Conservative Dark Horse GOP VP Nominee: Rick Santorum

When I asked CHQ readers to help me crowd-source a running mate for Donald Trump, I was already thinking that former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum would make a good prospect, but I wanted to see if CHQ readers saw the same creative disruption in the selection of Trump’s running mate that Trump wrought on the presidential nomination in the primaries.

I think the answer is YES – and here are my reasons why Rick Santorum should be added to Trump’s short list as an almost perfect match for the criteria expressed by Donald Trump, the CHQ GOP VP poll, and those I developed in the previous columns in this series.

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