WASHINGTON, May 26, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Yesterday Arina Grossu, Director of the Center for Human Dignity at Family Research Council, joined other pro-life leaders in front of a recently-opened abortion business, Capital Women’s Services, in Washington, D.C. to speak at a press conference hosted by Mercy Missions. This business is already marred with a reputation of violence and death, as its lead abortionist, Steven Brigham, has previously lost his medical licenses in six states and has a long disciplinary, criminal, and malpractice history. Now he brings his dangerous practice to D.C. and will put women’s lives and safety at risk.

Grossu made the following comments:

“Brigham runs sham, Gosnell-like abortion operations wherever he sets up shop. Brigham has had his medical licenses revoked in six states because he practices illegal scams and gross negligence such as starting abortions in one state, then crossing state lines to complete them in order to skirt the rule of law. Brigham commits abortions, even late-term abortions, although he has never completed his residency in either obstetrics or gynecology.

“He has lost at least $6.5 million in malpractice lawsuits, has injured many women including an 18-year-old woman who had such severe injuries and even faced multiple counts of murder charges involving late-term abortions.

“Where is the outrage from Planned Parenthood or feminists who purport to care about women’s health and safety? We are deeply concerned about women’s health and safety at the hands of Brigham. His practice reveals to us the horrific and shocking reality of the abortion industry.

“D.C. must immediately stop Brigham from bringing his horrific, shoddy abortion practice to our nation’s capital. We call on officials to close this business immediately. How has Brigham been able to hop around states, bringing with him his horrific abortion practices? Shouldn’t abortion facilities have more oversight than veterinary clinics, dentists’ offices, tanning salons, and tattoo parlors? All of our states and the District must pass abortion facility regulations to protect the health and safety of women from dangerous abortionists like Brigham,” concluded Grossu.

A copy of the full speech is available here.

NEW YORK, May 26, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — It is perhaps not popularly known that the father of the Big Bang Theory was a Catholic priest named Georges Lemaître, or that an Ohio nun named Sister Ignatia Gavin developed the first hospital treatment center for alcohol and substance abuse, but Catholics have a habit of innovation, except (perhaps ironically) in the field of evangelization, where they often seem downright bashful when compared to your average smoothie enthusiast. One Catholic organization, however, is ready to change that perception. Aleteia, the global Catholic website that launched PopeEmoji during Pope Francis’ 2015 visit to the United States, has launched an evangelizing chatbot, and he’s got quite the personality.

“All Christians are called to share our faith, but it’s not easy for most,” said Jesus Colina, Global Editor at Aleteia.org. “Unless you are able to offer something that you know will be welcome, evangelization can quickly become uncomfortable and leave people feeling intruded upon, instead of inspired.”

Aleteia’s solution to this challenge is an intelligence software agent that recommends articles and stories based on need. Accessing Aleteia.org’s 5-years-deep archive of content, the chatbot — nicknamed ePaul after the evangelizing apostle — asks a few questions about the person and situation one is trying to address, and then suggests articles that it thinks will be relevant and helpful.

ePaul, who responds to users with a conversational and understanding voice, lives on Aleteia.org and within Facebook Messenger and draws from a curated database of shareable content. “He’s lively,” says Colina, “but he has a serious job: to help people find a way to say ‘I am aware, I care, and so does God.'”

Commissioned by Aleteia.org in an effort to support the Roman Catholic Church’s World Communications Day Sunday, May 28th, the chat bot was designed to answer Pope Francis’ call to communicate hope and trust in our time.

“As far as we know, ePaul is the world’s first evangelizing chatbot, ” said Jason Deal, Aleteia’s EVP of Strategy and Marketing. “We hope it is a fun and easy way to share stories of hope, trust, love and faith with loved ones, friends, and acquaintances.”

For more information, please visit the ePaul web page (http://aleteia.org/ePaul) or search for AleteiaEN on Facebook.

BUDAPEST, May 26, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — World Congress of Families XI, The Budapest Family Summit has opened with a Demographic Forum in Hungary’s historic capital with a keynote address by Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary. Mr. Orban stressed the importance of Hungary being a family-friendly nation and stressed the importance of children, “We Hungarians believe that children magnify the strength of their parents, they magnify the strength of the family, and a generation of children magnify the strength of a nation, of a whole country, and finally our entire civilization. Mr. Orban delivered the speech before joining world leaders in Brussels for the NATO Summit.

The theme of WCF XI Budapest Family Summit is “building family-friendly nations, making families great again.” The World Congress of Families (www.worldcongress.org), is a project of the International Organization for the Family (www.profam.org) and unites and equips leaders worldwide to promote the natural family as the fundamental and only sustainable unit of society and to defend the sanctity and dignity of every human life from conception to natural death. As the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights observes, “The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the state.”

Other sessions at the Congress which lasts through Sunday, May 28 include: “Family and Education,” “The Sanctity and Dignity of All Human Life from Conception to Natural Death,” “The Importance of Motherhood and Fatherhood,” “National Movements on Marriage” and “Family, Population and Demographics.”

Previous Congresses have been held in Prague (1997), Geneva (1999), Mexico City (2004), Warsaw (2007), Amsterdam (2009), Madrid (2012), Sydney (2013), Salt Lake City (2015) and Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia (2016).

WCF XI is taking place in the Congress Center in Budapest. More than 2,000 delegates have registered – among them leaders, activists, scholars and legislators, from more than 65 countries.

For more information visit www.wcfbudapest.org and www.budapestfamilysummit.com.