On the night of December 2, 2016, I was driving my daughter Bethany, age 16, to her uncles house to make Christmas pies. Every year, they make about 40 pecan pies and deliver them to friends and family. We were driving at around 50-55 mph (the speed limit) on a state highway and it was after dark. Coming around a curve, I saw my worst nightmare. An oncoming car had driven completely into my lane.

Mine is a life of constant prayer so praying was not difficult for me in this moment. I had time to cut the wheel to the right, slam on my brakes, and pray. That was all I had time for. I prayed for my daughter’s safety. I remember my air bag deploying and a bright light that filled the whole cab of the vehicle. My daughter also remembers the bright light. Unfortunately, her air bag did not deploy but she suffered the least injury. Her chest still hurts a great deal from the force against her chest. Ostensibly, this is from the seat belt but I also had my seat belt on. My injury is to my stomach from the air bag.

My worst injury is to my heel bone. My heel shattered into 12 pieces. This is a very serious injury and my doctor says I may never walk again. I get around on a scooter that I rest my knee on. It has been rather depressing but I find solace in knowing that my prayer was answered. My daughter was saved, and so was I, by our guardian angels. Never will I doubt His love for us.

The other driver was insured but I’m not sure yet what level of coverage he has. I have had to pay a $735 storage and wrecker bill so far because I did not have collision coverage. I am also paying to have our dog boarded until we heal some. If you would like to help out, we have a gofundme at https://www.gofundme.com/lisagraascom

What happens if you question the Pope? Well, if you’re a cardinal, you could have your red hat taken away. So says Monsignor Vito Pinto, a defender of Pope Francis.

Cardinals Walter Brandmüller, Raymond Burke, Carlo Caffarra and Joachim Meisner asked the Holy Father some questions of Laeitita Amoris. Pope Francis did not answer and prelates made the letter public through the media.

“What Church do these cardinals defend? The Pope is faithful to the doctrine of Christ. What they have done is a very serious scandal that could even lead to the Holy Father to withdraw the cardinal’s hat as has happened at some other time of the Church “, said Pio Vito this Confidential.

The dean of the Roman Rota clarifies: “Which is not to say that the Pope withdraw their status as cardinals, but could do.”

That caused my eyebrow to raise, to say the least. We are certainly living in an extraordinary time. Not only is the Holy Father suggesting the overthrow of Catholic doctrine but his defenders are suggesting that those who question him be stripped of their authority to question. What am I supposed to say to protestant critics who claim that the Pope cannot be questioned if he teaches a contradiction to the Gospel?

Pray mightily for the Church.

Hat-tip, Vox Cantoris


On November 24, I wrote an article agreeing with Dr. Jeff Mirus that we should essentially ignore Pope Francis. The Remnant offers a counter-argument to Dr. Mirus’ position.

Francis cannot be ignored. On the contrary, the faithful must be ever vigilant respecting his every word and deed; and whenever he causes “confusion and sorrow” in the Church, he must be opposed by every Catholic worthy of the name according to the station and means of each member of the faithful. As Saint Paul admonishes us, the members of the Mystical Body must be “mutually careful one for another” for “if one member suffer any thing, all the members suffer with it… (1 Cor 12:25-26).”

Our duty of opposition is not a warrant for spiteful recrimination against a Pope who does indeed call us names, thus shamefully debasing his august office as spiritual father of the Church universal. To that extent, Mirus has it right. But neither should we affect a pose of meek and humble perplexity, as if we did not know that, whatever his subjective disposition, this astonishing Pope is clearly determined to impose his errant will on the Church through one shocking abuse of power after another, while demonizing and marginalizing anyone who opposes him in the manner of a politician in the midst of a political campaign.

Strong words. Read the rest here.